How to make your cards and gifts more personal and save a ton of time using merge fields that will automatically insert your recipients first name, last name, company name and more. When editing the text of a text box you can type in the merge field you want to use. Make sure to use the correct notation with double brackets and no spaces.

For example: If you want to say "Hello John," You would type in a text box Hello [[firstname]], this will insert the recipients first name. Merge fields MUST be typed exactly as they are below in order for them to work properly. Once you have completed and saved your project always check that your merge fields are set up correctly. You can verify this by going to your saved projects and click on "options" to the right of the project, select "Verify Merge Fields". The system will list any merge fields it is detecting. If you do not see your merge field then it is not set up correctly and you will need to edit your project to fix it.

Here is a list of supported merge fields:

  • [[firstname]] - this will replace the recipient's first name
  • [[lastname]] - this will replace the recipient's last name
  • [[company]] - this will replace the recipient's company
  • [[spousename]] - this will replace the recipient's spouse's name
  • [[email]] - this will replace the recipient's email address
  • [[phone]] - this will replace the recipient's phone number
  • [[returnfirstname]] - the sender's first name
  • [[returnlastname]] - the sender's last name
  • [[returncompany]] - the sender's company
  • [[returnemail]] - the sender's email address
  • [[returnwebsite]] - the sender's website
  • [[returnphone]] - the sender's phone number
  • [[invitecode]] - the sender's system invitation code
  • [[returnstreet]] - the sender's street address
  • [[returnstreet2]] - the sender's street address line 2
  • [[returncity]] - the sender's city
  • [[returnstate]] - the sender's state or province
  • [[returnpostalcode]] - the sender's postal code
  • [[returncountry]] - the sender's country
  • [[merge1]] to [[merge20]] - these are custom merge fields that can be saved on a contact.

To insert a merge field you will need to be inside a text box. If you already have a text box and would like to add a merge field to your project simply click on the text and add the merge field, save the project. If you do not have a text box in your project yet, click on "Text" from the left hand menu and then click on "Add an empty text box".

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