One of the main goals of our platform is to keep things simple.

The mailer meter is like cash on your account. It can be used to pay for not only postage but the mailers, gifts and gift cards you send.

In order to assure your mailers go out on time and consistently, we auto-recharge your mailer meter when you run out of funds or go negative.  We will recharge your mailer meter for whatever amount is necessary to bring your meter back to the amount you specified. (For example if you set your recharge level at $25 and your meter is negative $10 after placing an order, we would charge $35 to bring your meter back to $25 in the positive).

There is no need to worry about adding additional funds. Once the meter runs out of funds more will typically be added within 10 minutes and any orders on hold will be released into production.  If for whatever reason your credit card on file declines, you can update your credit card by going to Account > Mailer Meter.

Please note that all funds are in US Dollars and unused mailer meter funds will expire one year after purchase.

Why do we do this?
Similar to a postage meter a business might use in an office, we want you to set up your account and not have to worry about funding your account to ensure your mailers go out. This is especially useful for campaigns where your mailers can be setup once to be sent throughout the entire year. 

We also allow you to choose an auto-recharge level as low as $25 to accommodate even small budgets.

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