Watch this quick 70 second tutorial video to see how to make your cards more personal and save a ton of time using merge fields that will automatically insert your recipients first name, last name, or company name. 

Can I use merge fields in the Design Studio?

Yes! When editing the text of a textbox you can type in the merge field you want to use. Make sure to use the correct notation with double brackets and no spaces.
For example: [[firstname]].

Here is a list of supported merge fields:

  • [[firstname]] - this will replace the recipient's first name
  • [[lastname]] - this will replace the recipient's last name
  • [[company]] - this will replace the recipient's company
  • [[spousename]] - this will replace the recipient's spouse's name
  • [[email]] - this will replace the recipient's email address
  • [[phone]] - this will replace the recipient's phone number
  • [[merge1]] to [[merge20]] - these are custom merge fields that can be saved on a contact.
  • [[returnfirstname]] - the sender's first name
  • [[returnlastname]] - the sender's last name
  • [[returncompany]] - the sender's company
  • [[returnemail]] - the sender's email address
  • [[returnwebsite]] - the sender's website
  • [[returnphone]] - the sender's phone number
  • [[invitecode]] - the sender's system invitation code
  • [[returnstreet]] - the sender's street address
  • [[returnstreet2]] - the sender's street address line 2
  • [[returncity]] - the sender's city
  • [[returnstate]] - the sender's state or province
  • [[returnpostalcode]] - the sender's postal code
  • [[returncountry]] - the sender's country

Can you give me an example of using custom merge fields?

Let's say you sell lawn mowers and snow blowers. A customer buys a lawn mower while another buys a snow blower.  You could record what they purchased in the "merge 1" field on their contact record.  Then you could write a note like this:

"Dear [[firstname]],
Thanks for purchasing a new [[merge1]] from us! We hope you are enjoying your purchase."

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